Making The Digital World Accessible! 


The M-Reach Dental™ System

How to Get Your Ideal Patients Reach Out to You to Use Your Most Profitable Services
(2 in 1 “Bounce Back” Promotion)

The unique system that is helping dental practices looking to grow and prosper during these turbulent times, 

WITHOUT having to pay for ads in order to attract more patients for their preferred dental services…

  • Combining different yet unique systems, tools and resources to attract your IDEAL PATIENT is the key to growing your successful dental practice EXPONENTIALLY! 
  • Not only that but you are busy and have no time to learn and figure out what will work best to attract the most profitable patients for your practice…all DFY. 

  • Your staff is also busy and has little to zero time to learn and implement new sales and marketing tactics. That is why you want to be able to leverage systems and tools that do all the heavy lifting for you all automated.


The M-Reach Dental™ System 

Will Do That for You and More…

The All-In-One Exclusive Local Dental Practice Growth System

A Huge Competitive Advantage 

To Help More Dentists “Bounce-Back” and Get Results Faster and Easier!

We created our unique system to solve a big problem our clients were having: not enough QUALITY leads 

for very specific and profitable dental services even though they were paying for ads to get those leads. 

Once we realized the real problem our clients were having with the leads they were getting, 

we put our thinking cap on and created what we believe is the perfect solution for dentists.


1st Reach Out and Re-activate 

Inactive Patients to Come Back...Again! 

Not only is it roughly six to seven times LESS expensive to sell to an existing patient than it is to acquire a new patient, but repeat patients spend, on average, 67% more than a new one!

Since the cost of acquiring a new patient is probably the highest cost to your practice, the fastest way you can grow your business exponentially
is to get past or inactive patients to come back so you can sell them more services more often.

Get your past patients to come back - Sending a "ringless voice mail", an email, a phone call and text message will help ideal patients contact your office to make an appointment. This is an Evergreen strategy that allows you to leverage something you already have: a list of patients that already Know, Like and Trust you..


Results for One Client- A Dentist  

Would you invest $5,500 in order to make $200,000+ in annual revenue?

The following shows the results for just one client:.

   --Number of people on client’s inactive patients list = 1,458

   --1st reactivation campaign sent to 500 patients only

   --Patients who responded to the 1st promotion - 167

   --Total number of Patients that called immediately for an appointment- 59

   --Estimated annualized value of these patients (average $4k LTV per patient) 

    = $236,000 additional annual revenue= “found money”

   -- NOTE: The above results do NOT include additional patients that called at a later date for an appointment

Would you be happy with results like these?

Of course we can’t guarantee you will generate similar results as there are too many variables to consider: 

  a) The size of your list, 

  b) The special offer you will share with them,

  c)  How pleased they are with your services, 

  d)  How many more patients you can help due to the Covid restrictions,

  e)  Etc.

Just imagine…your revenue potential using our outbound marketing to reach out to your list!


2nd Attract Lots of New Patients 

by Making Your Website ACCESSIBLE! 

MAKING IT POSSIBLE for thousands of people who are searching for your services to be able to navigate your website is a must right now. Not having a website that is accessible to the estimated 51 Million people with disabilities in the US is costing you a lot of business. It may also cost you financially as you could be fined up to $150K and sued by private parties. This is happening already, so if the possibility of getting fines and/or lawsuits for non-compliance with the ADA regulations does not convince you to take care of this problem, being able to attract a lot more people to use your services should be reason enough. Plus we have such a simple system to get this done for you that you won’t have an excuse not to be in compliance. And…it’s the right thing to do!

There you have... The M-Reach Dental™ System is the ONE system you'll ever need to reach and attract more of your past/inactive patients. 

Right now it may not be business as usual, but we have the solution to help you generate more!.

And, perhaps most importantly, I’m going to answer the question.


‘Can This Make Me Money?’

If you were to invest $100 and I gave you back $1,000, how many times would you invest $100?

Our clients are already enjoying similar results whenever they run one of our reactivation campaigns 

Start getting results like the example above immediately.

Now is your turn…We are sharing the solution, it’s up to you to take action.

Start using our M-Reach Dental™ System so you can grow your sales and profits exponentially!

Plus we are doing our part to help our clients bounce-back faster and easier after they were able to re-open from the pandemic lock-down. And we are extending you the same opportunity.

So in case you’re thinking about getting your hands on the “M-Reach Dental™” System … Let’s address the obvious question:

“How Much Does This Cost?”

Before I answer this question, let me be crystal clear: if you just continue trying to attract new patients the way you are doing now, you will continue to get more of the same results!

If on the other hand you’d also like to start attracting more patients to come back to use your most profitable services, this is the best time to get started.

Once you realize that using our system can result in lots of more patients using your Invisalign, Braces, Veneers, Tooth Implant, etc. procedures every month, and that just one of these patients will more than cover your monthly investment to be able to use the M-Reach Dental™ System, you won’t even have to think about getting started.

Even better…this will be a game-changer for you!  



Think about it, just one more patient for any of your preferred services will more than cover your  investment!

You don’t want to wait.

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As you can see, there is nothing to lose but much to gain: your opportunity to get more past and new patients reaching out to make an appointment for one of your preferred services while 50% of our regular fee on your first campaign!